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How did the Wetlands begin? (cont.)

...but...the feedback that the Messners' received posting Cherie's first pictures was far from negative, it was overwhelmingly positive. So Jon continued to learn html and web page design, and Cherie interacted with the visitors to the site which was called at this point "Satin and Sweat" and was hosted on a free ISP Homepage. 

Jon introduced chat rooms and message boards into the site because he learned quickly the importance of user interaction. Cherie then adopted the chat name of "Cbaby", and has been known as such ever since. The site was really taking off and Jon was learning more and more how to promote it through banner exchanges and newsgroup ads, when the unthinkable happened......the site was shut down by the ISP. 

Now JD and Cbaby knew they had to do things right, so they borrowed money from Jon's parents and purchased a server on a real host.

 They then decided to make the site more geared for couples, rather than just a male oriented site featuring only nude women. They decided to feature more couple oriented content and decided the whole site concept needed a rethink as well. And Cherie suggested they call it the "Wetlands where wives get naked!" and make it more of an adult community rather than like the same old rubber stamped porn sites featuring bought or leased content, that littered the internet then.......and still do today. 

Jon, then teaching himself as he went along built what has become the WETLANDS. An adult community where every one is active carefree and sexually adventurous. Jon's Wetlands was really a parody of the actual community, Ocean Pines, where the Messners lived at the time. Ocean Pines was a very conservative retirement like resort area, where it has been described as residences as, "for the newlywed and nearly dead."

The Wetlands was now a reality and Jon and Cherie simply continued improving the site by following one rule. "Listen to the MEMBERS, and Give them what they want!" .......cont.

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"Shy Cbaby"
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Early "JD & Cbaby"
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Early "JD & Cbaby"
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Early "JD & Cbaby"



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