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Ok I see how the Wetlands started, but how did it get so big?

The Messner's Wetlands site was becoming increasingly popular, but the couple knew that members would soon tire of the same old photo shoots featuring only Jon and Cherie. They knew some new faces had to be introduced into the site and some more unique settings had to be found for shooting pictures. 

Jon figured the best setting to shoot images would be places where the possibility of getting caught existed. So JD and Cbaby armed with a digital camera went out and about to different places taking what would become known as "Flashing" pics. And the site's popularity continued to grow.  

At around this time Cherie's somewhat wild little sister Jilly had just divorced her husband and had come to live with Jon and Cherie for awhile. Jilly, upon learning of the WETLANDS immediately wanted to become involved in the site. Jon and Cherie accepted Jilly's offer to be part of the Wetlands and now the Wetlands had it's first new face....

.....But life for Jon and Cherie would never be the same after opening their doors to Cbaby's sexually addicted, alcohol abusing, man-eating little sister. 

News Flash! At the time of this update, Jilly has landed a man! A realtor in DC has fallen madly in love with our Jilly and plans a September wedding! 

But the Wetlands has been all over the Media...what's that all about? 

Yup, it's true the WETLANDS has received more media attention than any other "Porn" site. Here's how that came about.....cont.

flashing01.jpg (47865 bytes)
"Cbaby Flashing"
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" Cbaby Flashing"
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"Jilly & Cbaby"
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Recent "Jilly"
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"Jilly with friends"



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